Sunday, January 30, 2011

I was just emotionally raped over the internet.

I was going to write about my theory that my left boob is a periscope for my bladder, but I'm going to have to save that for another time, since I was totally just emotionally raped over the internet.  To add insult to injury, it was during a game of euchre on the yahoo games website.

I was playing my little online game while simultaneously trying to defend myself against Toby who was mauling me with his chew toy.  For those of you who are familiar with the game of Euchre, my partner had called trump (clubs), but because of my canine distraction I missed an opportunity early in the hand to lead with trump.  The following conversation ensued in the chat area beneath the playing area:  (NOTE: My partner's name was 'goddess_yahell", and the other hellion at the table was our opponent "haveapepsionme".)

goodess_yahell:  lead with trump!  We could've had two points instead of one!
goodess_yahell:  what the hell is wrong with you?!
me:  seriously?  are you being serious right now?  It's just a game.
goodess_yahell: well, some people play to win. 
haveapepsionme:  report her!  I just did.
haveapepsionme:  it's in the rules that you're supposed to play your best game.  She isn't.
me:  uhh, it was an honest mistake.
goodess_yahell:  Bullshit,  You're throwing points and trying to lose the game. (NOTE:  I'm a pretty competitive person, so this is sooooo not something that I would ever do.)
goodess_yahell:  I just reported you.
me:  are you two for real?  You're insane!
haveapepsionme:  I just reported her again for name calling.
goddess_yahell:  me too.  I'm taking a print screen.
haveapepsionme: send it to Bob at the e-mail address I'm sending you.
haveapepsionme: he's the one who handles abuse.
**During this time my partner had started throwing the game intentionally by calling suits that she had none of, so that the other team would win.
me:  What happened to playing your best game?  You just threw the last two hands!
goodness_yahell:  leave the table.  NOW. (she had the power to kick me out of the table if she really wanted to)
me: I'll be happy to after this game. 
haveapepsionme: I've got her ip address!  I'm going to send it in so that they won't allow her to play under any other names either.
Other guy at the table:  PLAY!!
haveapepsionme:  I'm not playing until she leaves the table.
me:  well I'm not leaving.  If you stop playing the game will time you out and it will forfeit you.  Your call.
haveapepsionme:  You are such a bitch! 
haveapepsionme:  look at her rating  (NOTE:  I had a higher rating than two of the four people at the table)
haveapepsionme:  she's a loser! 
goddess_yahell:  by the time I'm done telling everyone about her, she's going to be running from the tables and will never want to play again!

By this point, my prediction came true.  The "haveapepsionme" guy stopped playing long enough that the game assumed he forfeit and it called the game quits.  He left the game table pretty quick, and I was soon to follow.  I notice in the general game area, my former partner, goddess_yahell started posting comments about me and how abusive I am, and that the people at the table couldn't stand to play with me anymore.

My original intent for tonight's blog was actually funny (albeit true) - and there isn't anything actually funny about this, only the knowledge that there are people out there so crazy they will pair up and attack you over a game in which they don't even get to win any money.  I'm pretty sure if money were involved, they'd have sent someone my way to break my thumbs...and maybe my knees.

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Jamie E said...

wow, that is pretty psycho!!!