Monday, January 2, 2012

100 useless things to know about me (Caution: Read this if you're REALLY bored)

A coworker of mine was talking a few weeks ago about a blog she had read in which the blogger generated a list of 100 things about himself.  She seemed pretty impressed by this and wanted to take on the challenge herself, to which she was successful (and I'd like to add she generated a better list with fewer 'cheats' than the other guy).  I believe myself to be a quirky person, and so I thought that generating a list of 100 things about myself would be no big deal.  I was right....

1.  I've played the piano since I was about 7 years old.

2.  In high school I also played the cello and was nicknamed (undeservedly) "Yo-Yo Ma".

3.  I stopped playing the cello after I fell of the stage (backwards), landing on my head with my chair landing on top of me (see # 42).

4.  I will always remember that I was born during the 3pm hour because my mom always joked that she had to miss Oprah because she was giving birth.

5.  In my life, I have been "the human" to...a lab-mix named "Peewee" (he was given away because he was too hyper), a Pekingese dog named "Pepe" (died of natural causes), a black cat named Shadow (my parents gave her away to my Godparents, but I was never sure why), another black cat named Midnight (my mom told me she was hit by a bus), a couple goldfish whose names I can't remember (I'm sure they died from shock after all those times I'd transport them from their aquarium to the bathroom sink so I could pet them), 2 tabby cats named Peso and Dodo (my mom gave them away after I moved in with my dad I believe), a parrot named "Rocky" (who flew away when my mom had his cage out on the apartment balcony and opened the cage to change his water - she felt terrible), a fleet of sea monkeys, another parrot named "Buddy" (best parrot EVER, but he was lonely for a companion and I couldn't have two - so we gave him to a bird lady), two guinea pigs named Snoopy and "Lester the Molester" (for obvious reasons), a black lab named Abby who passed away June 2011 and is greatly greatly missed everyday, our beloved cat Bella who we're pretty sure continues to plot Ryan's death daily, and finally our boy Toby.

6. I have the palette of a 5 year old.

7.  As a result of #6, my favourite food is still Kraft Dinner.

8. I get giddy and giggly when I'm cold.

9.  I get bitchy when I'm hot.

10.  Winter sports and I have never met (includes skiing, snowboarding, curling, snowshoeing).

11.  I knew how to ice skate when I was 5 years old, forgot how by the time I was 7 years old and we've never been reacquainted.  I'm okay with this.

12.  In grade 5, some crazy girl kicked my feet out from underneath me when I was standing on some ice, and when I fell my two front teeth went into my tongue.  Lots of blood.

13.  As a kid, I was a self-taught 'gymnast' and would spend hours and hours each day practicing.

14.  I had braces...twice.  (wear your retainer kids!)

15.  I also had this contraption installed in my mouth that had a lock and key that was designed to expand my upper jaw slowly but gradually.

16.  I have no siblings.

17.  I wanted siblings.  So much so that I misinterpreted those sad commercials of the starving African children as an adoption agency and not a sponsorship. When I brought my parents the phone number and exclaimed "now you can get me a brother or sister", they laughed in a "aww, isn't she cute" kind of way and broke the news to me.

18.  As a kid, I figured out in grade 6 that I wanted to be a forensic pathologist after reading "Blindsight" by Robin Cook.

19.  My desire to be a forensic pathologist stayed with me until the end of first year university in a science program when I felt I had to choose between having a family or doing another 13 years of post secondary.

20. My biggest goal in life is to be a good mom and a positive role model for my kids.

21.  I desperately want to have twins (or any multi-birth really).  Possibly as a result of wanting to spare my child the experience of #17.

22.  I have a lot of fears in my life, one of the biggest being that I won't achieve #20.

23.  Other fears include...spiders.

24. ...Alzheimer's

25. ...sinkholes.

26. ...someone breaking into my house and killing us all.

27. ...cancer and just about any other life threatening disease.

28. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (can you tell?) .  For further proof, refer to #'s 43, 49 and 84.

29.  My memory is questionable at best.  I can often recall trivial details, but the critical pieces of information seem to get kicked out of the brain space.

30.  I often have tingling limbs/scalp/face.

31.  As a result of #'s 29 and 30 I underwent a series of tests a few years ago where I discovered my brain is "above average" from a physiological standpoint (showed less wear and tear than other brains of the same age - I was mildly insulted by this.)

32.  I love love love reading - my favourite pastime.

33.  I love love love writing but have yet to "find my voice".

34.  I love talking - ask anyone who knows me.

35.  As a result of #'s 33 and 34 I kicked-ass at doing speeches in Elementary school.

36.  No, really...I actually participated in several speech competitions as a kid (which, in hindsight groomed me for my current job).

37.  I'm a nerd.  (see #36).

38.  I've never had to wear eyeglasses.

39.  I've never broken a bone.

40.  I can't be trusted with knives or scissors because I always end up cutting myself.

41.  I hold my scissors "backwards" (this my explain #40).

42.  I fall down.  A lot.

43.  The main reason why I don't wear high heels is because of #42.  This is also why I'm afraid of stairs.

44.  I participated in a student exchange program in high school.  I remember that we left for France on March 6th but can't remember the name of the town we stayed in or the names of any of the people I lived with (please refer to #29).

45.  I backpacked through Europe in May 2007 - 9 countries in 30 days.

46.  I got engaged the night I returned from that trip.

47.  Hubby and I got married two years later on our 7th anniversary.

48.  Embarrassing story:  as a toddler in the bath, I thought that my clitoris was a second nose and started screaming "Mommy!  There's a nose in my vagina!".  (this story mortifies me, but I figured if I just share the damn thing on the internet it'll lose its power over me and my mom and cousin won't be able to use it to embarrass me anymore).

49.  I shower, I don't bath.  Baths stress me out because I'm always afraid that the tub will fall through the floor.

50.  If I was a boy, my name was going to be Clint.

51.  My favourite physical feature is my heart-shaped birthmark on the backside of my left hand.  It's very subtle, and very unique.

52.  My second favourite physical feature is my nose.

53.  Those are the only two physical features that I actually like.

54.  I have low self-esteem and it seems to get worse with age.

55.  I would describe myself as a caring person who loves to help people.

56.  I am also very loyal, but if you prove yourself "unworthy" of the loyalty, I have a very hard time getting over it.

57.  I have a hard time trusting women.

58.  I genuinely like my in-laws (not just saying that because I know they may be reading this!).

59.  I hate feet....with a burning passion.

60.  I struggle with nakedness (possibly a result of #53).

61.  I love to plan and organize things, but almost always stop half way through the execution of my plans to question my sanity.

62.  I once got pulled over by a cop on a horse (in TORONTO) for making a left turn onto a street less than 5 minutes before the end of the "no left turn" time.

63.  I believe in lifelong learning - I will always pursue further education (mostly to fight off the onset of #24).

64.  I have high expectations of myself and of others.  Sometimes unfairly.

65.  If you're in customer service, a large corporation or a neighbour and you don't meet my high expectations, you're likely going to be getting a passive aggressive letter or e-mail.  (see previous blog entries).

66. If I think someone in the retail/service industry has given great customer service I write their manager to tell them so.  (see?  I'm not always a bitch...)

67.  I love writing letters on behalf of inanimate objects.

68.  My favourite chocolate bar is Oh Henry - I love it so much that I sent Hubby out in the "snow squal warning" weather to get me one after he gloated about the chocolate bar he bought for himself and scarfed down just before coming home.

69.  I HATE having my picture taken (see # 53 & 54).

70.  I'm frugal and almost psychotically organized about money (spreadsheets and cash boxes anyone??).

71.  Dance music from the 90's makes me furiously happy.

72.  I lived in Toronto and have never been up the CN tower.  I have also been to Paris twice and have never been up the Eiffel Tower although I did try and climb it (didn't make it too far though).

73.  Even at 27 years old, I love to be swaddled/cocooned in blankets.

74.  I've been married three times: once as a toddler when the older kids in the neighbourhood married me off, once in kindergarten, and again (for real) when I was 24.

75.  I have problems with the "texture" of a lot of foods.  This makes me a bit of a fussy eater.

76.  I have a habit of leaving food in tupperware containers until its no longer recognizable.

77.  My sandwiches must be cut  on the diagonal and I always eat the half with the rounded crust first.

78.  I always save the thing I like best as the last thing I eat on my plate.

79.  My first word was "Hi" - I was 5 months old and it scared the crap out of my aunt.

80.  When I was about 1 1/2 years old my blonde curly hair fell out and grew in brown and straight.  I looked like a boy and my mom nicknamed me "chemo baby".

81.  I'm a daddy's girl (see #80).

82.  I have had 11 piercings - 10 in my ears, 1 in my bellybutton (two I had to have surgically removed).

83. I desperately want a necklace that is my first name in cursive writing on a 16" snake chain.

84.  For the past 5 months, I have had non-stop consecutive night terrors in which I'm dying, being murdered, running for my life and/or watching people around me dye.

85.  As a result of #84, I am very, very tired.

86.  The doctor has not yet figured out what's causing them or how to stop them.

87.  The last new years resolution I ever made was to stop making new years resolutions.  It was the only one that stuck.

88.  I love the smell of gasoline (which may explain a lot of this list).

89.  As a child I was raised Catholic. As an adult I'm Athiest.  A lot of people don't know this about me and I think some may not like it when they find out.

90.  I've made difficult choices in my life regarding important relationships. Some people don't like this.

91.  I will not be influenced by those who take issue with #89 or #90.  I make my decisions mindfully and with purpose.

92.  I'm stubborn.

93.  I want to become a runner.

94.  I also want to learn how to work a pole (for fitness, not stripping - recall #60.)

95.  I happily live in a bubble in which I am ignorant to most current events.

96.  If you try to get away with not washing your hands after going to the bathroom, I WILL call you out on it.

97.  I never play the lottery.

98.  I don't smoke.

99.  I have a "system" when eating a lot of foods (ie: fries) that can just not be explained.

100.  I LOVE WRITING LISTS (as evidenced by #'s 1-99).

Happy 2012 everyone!